I’ve been going to Yoshi Sushi in Hammersmith since I was a little girl. It’s our family favourite, and it never disappoints. Tucked away on King Street, it may not look like the most glamorous spot from outside, but their food is always fresh, the service is really attentive and it’s very reasonably priced.

My go-to dish has always been their Beef Teriyaki. Originally that was only because I was a fussy little brat who refused to try sushi, but as the years have gone by, it’s continued to be my favourite. I decided to make my own version at home because I’m always disappointed with shop-bought teriyaki sauces and it’s the only restaurant I know of in London that serves it up with delicious semi-caramelised onions on top – an addition that I find really gives the meal an extra deep flavour.

This is surprisingly easy and hassle-free to make, and a great dinner recipe to have under your belt.

Oh, and definitely go to Yoshi Sushi. It doesn’t have a website, but don’t let that put you off.


The following recipe serves two, so feel free to multiply the recipe depending on how many people you’re impressing.

All in all, you’re gonna need :

1 beef fillet steak (approx. 300g)
1/2 bag beansprouts (approx. 200g)
1 onion
1 red pepper (or green -its just garnish!)
100g white rice
Oil (preferably sesame, for that japanese flavour)

For the sauce :

1/4 cup dark soya sauce
1/4 cup mirin
1 tbsp rice vinegar
1 crushed garlic clove
1 inch grated ginger
1 tbsp brown sugar
1/2 cup water
1 tbsp corn flour

IMG_5445 IMG_5451

Get your ingredients together.

IMG_5457 IMG_5458

Measure out your soya sauce, and pour it into a wide bowl to start off your marinade.

IMG_5459 IMG_5460

Add the mirin and rice vinegar.

IMG_5462 IMG_5464

Crush the garlic with the flat edge of your knife and roughly chop it.

IMG_5466 IMG_5467

Cut off about an inch of your ginger, and peel it using the knife.

IMG_5469 IMG_5473

Grate your peeled ginger. Add it to the marinade with the garlic.

IMG_5476 IMG_5480

Add 1 tbsp of brown demerera sugar, and stir gently.

IMG_5483 IMG_5486

Grab your fillet steak and place it in the bowl. Make sure it’s covered with the mixture, and leave it to marinate for anything from 20 minutes to a couple hour (depending on how much time you’ve got!)

IMG_5487 IMG_5488

Meanwhile, grab your onion, peel it, and chop off both ends.

IMG_5489 IMG_5492

You want it really finely diced.
IMG_5496 IMG_5497

With some sesame oil in the pan (or whatever oil you have), begin to cook the onions on a very low heat.

IMG_5500 IMG_5501

As they start to soften and gain some colour after about 3-4 minutes, add 1 tbsp of the marinade.

IMG_5503 IMG_5511

Cook the onions for a further 2-3 minutes, stirring frequently. Once they smell incredible, transfer them to a little plate on the counter, because we’ll be using the same pan for the steak.

IMG_5516 IMG_5519

Don’t add any extra oil, the residue from the onions is sufficient for cooking the steak. I like my steak rare, so I only did this steak for 2-3 minutes on either side, but it’s totally up to you.

IMG_5532 IMG_5533

Once it’s cooked, transfer it to a chopping board, cover with tin foil, and leave it to rest until you begin carving. Now’s the time to put your rice on the back burner.

IMG_5522 IMG_5523

Back to your pan, pour all the remaining marinade in, and add 1/2 cup water.

IMG_5525 IMG_5527

Add 1 tbsp corn flour, and then allow the sauce to bubble up and reduce, stirring regularly. When it’s ready (after tasting, of course) remove it from the hob and decant it in to a measuring jug to make it easier to assemble the plates later.

IMG_5528 IMG_5530

In a wok (or your pan) quickly stir-fry your bean sprouts with just a dash of oil. They don’t need long, just 2 minutes, because you want them to retain their crunch.

IMG_5504 IMG_5509

For garnish, I thinly sliced some red peppers.

IMG_5534 IMG_5537

Remove the tin foil from your steak, and begin to thinly slice the meat.

IMG_5538 IMG_5539

Once it’s all sliced, begin assembling your plate.

IMG_5541 IMG_5542

Spoon on the onions to the meat, and lay down the bean sprouts.

IMG_5545 IMG_5548

Add the red pepper garnish, and then pour the teriyaki sauce over the meat.

IMG_5551 IMG_5556

You’re done! Serve with some red wine and enjoy.

IMG_5560 IMG_5562


4 thoughts on “YOSHI

    • An excellent, clear presentation, very good photographs, a delicious dish….I want to sit at your table and dine with you!

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